Returns quality control to the manager
Checkservice Is a Platform for Quality Evaluation and Control (QC/QA and More)
Operational control has become quick and convenient with Checkservice.

Inspector no longer needs to fill out paper report forms, and managers no longer need to enter data into tables and organize them.

Our service facilitates the control procedure and allows you to automate reporting in quality control and quality audit.
How It Works
The inspector checks the object and enters the data into the program
Data is uploaded to the server via cellular network or Wi-Fi
The manager sees the result of the check and automatic reports in the system
Customize Checklists with any Structure
Checkservice allows you to create objects for checks, set criteria, and types of evaluation.

Checkservice can build reports according to alphabetic, numerical categories, and actions: done/not done, checkboxes, instrument indications, comments, and photos.

Checklists support a flexible hierarchical nesting system. Checkservice can configure any object to be checked precisely for business tasks.
Get Reports Instantly
Data is automatically uploaded to the server via a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

The manager opens the document and sees ready-made audit reports with photos, dates, comments, and geolocation.

You can display the data in the report by place, checking, date, time, number of errors, and other parameters.

Operational control and data collection are no longer problems. Now you have an established process that works without interruption.
Link KPIs to the Check Results
Checkservice allows you to determine the number of bonuses and penalties for employees automatically. The system data for analysis is taken from the reports that can be generated according to flexible criteria.

Make better management decisions and evaluate your workforce's adequacy based on data that is no longer lost.

All checks and statistics are forever stored on the Checkservice server. At any time, they are available for analysis in the context of location, employee, a period of verification, and other criteria.
Optimize Costs
Evaluate the impact of your staff on business performance. Checkservice provides endless detailed statistics that make it easier to draw conclusions and manage your company's resources.

You always have the opportunity to generate an operational report in a few clicks, conduct a comparative analysis of data, and compare them with the targets.

Checkservice makes it possible to understand where to staff and where to redirect your workforce to boost facilities.
Our Clients
Cleaning Companies
Monitor the quality of cleaning
Take control of the order at the facilities
Control the display of goods and the organization of sales-rooms
Keep track of all the restaurants
Control the quality of room cleaning, breakfast serving, and fire regulations
Collect, check and monitor meter readings
Collect quantitative and qualitative indicators to optimize production
Housing Services
Optimize staff costs and keep house areas clean
Conduct personnel certification and audit
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Our Advantages
We offer a flexible and customizable product
Individual approach
We take into account the wishes of the client and implement additional functionality for the tasks
Licensing up to 10 000 users
Fault tolerance and security
Data can be stored locally or in the cloud on request
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